September 5, 2018

Northeast gives back with backpacks

The Newark and Manfredi offices have been busy playing games to raise money for the Carasmark Backpack Project including bingo, mini putt, bean bag toss and more! The team presented a check for over $500 to President Shannon Lynch that was used to purchase backpacks and school supplies. Kim Holiday, senior grower accountant, and Holly Adamski, inventory control coordinator, took part in the event where they helped assemble over 500 kits for children from low income families. The offices came together on the belief that children are our future and wanted to support a cause that gave them the tools they need to succeed. During the fundraiser, the crew also gathered their own array of school supplies and donated them to Mayfair Elementary and Horace Furness High School.

The offices aim to give back to a charity in their community each year but this was the first time they raised funds for one. We are so proud—props to our northeast offices!

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