Sunny yellow bells from California or robust reds from Mexico
Conventional or organic, always sweet
Now's the time to promote our peaches!

The big bright beautiful world of produce

... brought to you by Oppy

Mexican avocados. New Zealand apples. Chilean grapes. Australian citrus. For over 150 years Oppy has been innovating the produce landscape in North America by marketing and distributing the world’s best fresh fruits and vegetables.

By partnering with outstanding growers around the globe, we can proudly deliver over 100 varieties of produce from more than 25 countries—you can truly expect the world from us.


Oppy firsts

  • 1858 Isaac, Godfrey, Charles and David Oppenheimer establish Oppenheimer Bros. & Co., the first company to be registered in the brand new province of British Columbia.
  • 1888-1891 Vancouver, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, is designed with the help of Oppy founder David Oppenheimer as mayor.
  • 1891 Find a Japanese mandarin orange in the toe of your stocking last Christmas? We import the first of these sweet treats to western Canada, and begin the beloved holiday tradition.
  • 1960s What’s that fuzzy thing, eh? We import the first kiwifruit to Canada—it‘s met with intrigued enthusiasm.
    Call it “buy local” in reverse. People want fresh fruit every day of the year, so we begin one of the first large-scale Chilean fruit shipping programs.
  • 1985 Our New Zealand Braeburns, grown by ENZA™, open the door for a whole new generation of bi-colored, intensely flavored apples.
  • 2000With our grower partner Zespri®, we give North Americans their first taste of gold kiwifruit.
  • 2003Oppy and ENZA™ introduce super crunchy JAZZ™ apples, and a decade later this tangy loudmouth is still making noise.
  • 2006Green met greenhouse when we begin marketing OriginO™ branded organic peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • 2008Happy 150th birthday, Oppy! You’re not getting older—just wiser.
  • 2011School’s in! Our new Divemex Fair Trade Certified sweet bell pepper program begins generating scholarships for workers and their kids.
  • 2013Oppy becomes a member of the Total Produce family, a move which gives the innovative Irish produce marketer a foothold in North America, and Oppy access to new sources of product and overseas customers.