June 1, 2023

Leadership and development with Oppy U

At the turn of the century, Oppy’s culture was evolving and becoming a key priority for Chair, CEO and Managing Partner John Anderson and the leadership group. In October 2003, Oppy’s new positioning statement expect the world from us was introduced, heightening our reputation of superior customer service and unshakeable teamwork. As our promise began making waves through the industry in 2004, an idea sparked during a senior management meeting — to create a structure for leadership development that would best equip teammates for the exciting growth ahead.

As a leader in the produce industry for 165 years, Oppy has championed stewardship in its teammates for over 20 years with the inception of the Oppy U program. Over the years, our employee development programs have continuously evolved to meet the needs of our people and the business — and has become a cornerstone of who we are today.

Our customized development program is focused on providing leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. Featuring a blend of courses and workshops on topics that are deeply relevant and applicable to the current challenges we face as a company, an industry, and a global community.

Oppy is committed to investing in the future of our people and helping them learn, grow and flourish. That is why we will continue to evolve learning and development programs and opportunities in the years to come. We believe that our people are worth the investment and we are excited to see what their futures hold.

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