June 2, 2021

Oppy sets up Northwest cherry harvest for sweet season

Highly anticipated Orchard View Cherries crop savored for summer’s special moments

With eager domestic and international markets knocking on their door, Oppy and Orchard View Cherries are counting down the days to their fast-paced seven-week cherry harvest come summer.

Abundant with a seamless transition from its California crop, the leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world anticipates an exceptional yield in the Orchard View label for 2021 — marking its dozenth season together. Harvest is expected to begin the second week of June, with peak availability at the end of the month, just in time for Fourth of July celebrations.

“We’ve had nice weather for phenomenal size and quality. The trees are looking really healthy with deep green and shiny leaves, it’s so important they look happy at this stage to take good care of our cherries,” said Orchard View President Brenda Thomas, fourth generation of the family-owned-and-operated business. “It’s looking to be a consistent and evenly spread crop. With some warmer weather on its way, it will give the cherries a chance to develop some good sugars that will be enjoyed in the coming weeks.”

Upgrading its Unitec optical sorting line to the Cherry Vision 3.0 this year, even more precision, consistency and overall quality will be included in this season’s packs, “Further blowing away what people expect from the Orchard View brand,” said Oppy’s Senior Vice President of Categories and Marketing James Milne. Oppy offers the label in bags, clamshells and for the second season, in a top-seal pack.

“Orchard View has firmly established itself as one of the top cherry brands worldwide, with its stature growing each year. The feedback from North American consumers, let alone the domestic retail trade and international markets, has been nothing short of astonishing. It exemplifies all the hard work Brenda and her team have put into growing and grading their cherries to the highest possible levels,” Milne said.

Initially launching the brand’s “Pick Your Moments” positioning five years ago, the message highlights the importance of savoring those special moments in life. An idea that has resonated with consumers in different ways through the years, especially in 2020 when Thomas was warmed by the opportunity to provide such a simple pleasure during a difficult time; the message will have new exciting meaning this summer.

Oppy also recently expanded its imported stone fruit program from Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, doubling volumes to cater to increasing market demand. With nearly year-round availability, the fresh produce giant’s robust cherry offerings now reach May through January. “When it comes to the Northwest crop, we firmly believe that Orchard View is the marquee brand to have on your shelf every summer,” said Milne.

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