May 18, 2016

The time is ripe for Orchard View cherries

Cherry harvest at Orchard View begins the first week in June, with all indications pointing to another excellent season for The Dalles, Oregon grower and exclusive sales, marketing and distribution partner Oppy.

“We’re positioned for growth in 2016,” said David Nelley, the leading fresh produce sales, marketing and distribution company’s executive category director for Northwest cherries. “Not only has the crop continued to recover from catastrophic frost in October 2014, more acreage is available and Orchard View has made some important operational upgrades in the packhouse that will set them apart.”

Notably, Orchard View has installed one of the world’s most advanced Unitec optical sorting lines, equipped to separate cherries by color and size while culling out quality issues.

“The new sorter’s 48-line capacity will enable Orchard View to efficiently heighten the consistency of the packs,” Nelley said. “Orchard View already enjoys a reputation for excellent quality. This new equipment will make their excellent offerings even stronger and eye-catching at retail.”

Orchard View grows carefully selected varieties, from Bing to Rainier to Sweetheart, east of the Columbia Gorge, where conditions are more sheltered and dry.

“We grow the varieties on the best-suited elevations on our orchards,” said Brenda Thomas, Orchard View president. “We’ve chosen them in order to extend the season as long as possible so retailers can make the most out of cherry season and consumers can enjoy our quality into August.”

Every season, Oppy staff relocates to Orchard View to offer on-site service to customers, and support the grower’s “Pick, Pack, Ship” goal of shipping every cherry within a day of being picked.

As well, Orchard View is entering the 2016 season with a refreshed branding approach centered around the idea of “Pick Your Moments.”

“The Pick Your Moments theme encourages our customers and cherry lovers everywhere to enjoy what Orchard View has to offer—the best and sweetest cherries available at any moment of the season,” said James Milne, Oppy’s executive director of marketing. “The high quality, varietal range and strategic harvest timing at Orchard View make it possible for retailers to ‘seize the moment’ and offer excellent cherries to their customers while enjoying the benefits to their bottom line.

“Domestic cherries are in the market for a brief and wonderful time, associated with summer days and fun ‘moments’ spent with family and friends,” Milne continued.

New packaging and signage featuring the Pick Your Moments message will encourage shoppers to enjoy Orchard View cherries while creating memories of good times shared.

“Orchard View’s first cherry harvest was in 1923. The many moments of hard work, learning, and perseverance since then have enabled this grower family to excel for four generations,” Milne said. “Orchard View is picking its moment to shine this season—and we invite our customers and their shoppers to do the same.”

Orchard View cherries will be packed in high-graphic pouch bags, drawing attention at retail. As well, Oppy will connect Orchard View cherry lovers everywhere in the coming months with a comprehensive social media campaign.

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