May 28, 2015

JAZZ-y journey sparks season start

From the branch to the bowl, the journey of a New Zealand JAZZ apple to market is chronicled in a new video from brand owner Turners & Growers (T&G).

Fresh crop JAZZ apples will reach North American shores by the end of the month, according to David Nelley, Oppy’s executive category director, apples and pears. Oppy is T&G’s North American marketing partner. “We’re anticipating yet another stellar season from this top performing apple,” he said. “JAZZ ranked in the top three among premium apples in both sales dollars and volume over the last twelve months. We’re eager to keep this momentum rolling with New Zealand’s fresh crop as it’s arguably the best tasting apple with firm pressures available in summer.”

The tangy-sweet, super crunchy apple stars in a playful video that follows a single JAZZ apple from its birthplace in a New Zealand orchard to a family home. JAZZ marketers throughout the world will use the video to announce the season start and share the JAZZ apple story via social media, public relations, trade shows and other channels, Nelley said.

Please click here to enjoy the video.

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