March 7, 2018

OriginO boosts organic cucumber and colored bell pepper production

Leading organics grower Origin Organic Farms is back this season with a demand-driven crop of long English cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes-on-the-vine from Delta, B.C. While cucumber harvest began in mid-February, tomatoes and peppers will follow mid-April. The full range of OriginO-branded items will be available throughout the summer.

To match the market demand of seasons past, OriginO has ramped up cucumber and red bell pepper production. As well, the grower is improving cucumber yield and quality by transitioning to a high wire growing system that enables the plants to grow taller.

“At the forefront, we’re focused on quality and flavor,” said Raymond Wong, president of OriginO. “With organics becoming more available and sought after, it’s exactly what consumers are looking for. With this transition in our crop, we’ll be able to deliver more of what they want.”

The organic greenhouse trailblazer is consistently improving the production process for running its 100 percent sustainable model. Using all-natural raw materials, OriginO has developed a unique eco-system for pest management and created a growing system with minimal drain that curtails water and nutrition waste to virtually zero.

“Raymond runs an extremely unique operation,” said Chris Ford, organics category manager at Oppy, the exclusive marketer of OriginO products. “There is a complex system behind his traditional organic growing methods which include the formulation of sustainable in-house soil. By growing in soil, OriginO is able to yield that high quality and flavor they are known for.”

Over the years OriginO has perfected their proprietary organic fertilizer and soil media. The grower is currently in the process of certifying their used soil through the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) so it can be recycled into potting soil. After utilizing for two to three years, the soil’s porosity level starts to decrease—and while not ample for the greenhouse, it is excellent for home gardening, according to Wong. Along with an in-house bagging system, this will add another sustainable element at OriginO.

To learn more about OriginO’s growing techniques and delicious produce, visit the Oppy booth at the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, Calif. July 11-12. OriginO is proud to be a gold sponsor, and looks forward to screening a new video that tells its story of organic greenhouse innovation during the keynote presentation.

Contact Oppy for details about OriginO today.

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