April 23, 2018

Health & Safety Week puts a focus on lifestyle

Instead of playing it safe with a typical agenda for the Vancouver office’s annual Health & Safety week, this year’s event diverted from first aid and emergency preparedness to spotlight instead on personal safety and healthy lifestyles.

Mirza Dedic hosted a popular and interactive workshop on how to safely manage numerous passwords. Two sessions of meditation with resident guru Stella Wong provided tips for increasing focus and relaxation, while a class on how to use essential oils for emotional and physical wellness was also well received. A particular highlight was a self-defense workshop presented by Pacific Wave Jui-Jitsu. Six massage therapy sessions and themed quizzes that offered prizes, in forms of gift cards, safety equipment and more, for learning about Oppy’s battery recycling program rounded out the week.

“This is probably the best year we’ve ever had,” said Victoria Vancek, who, alongside the Health & Safety Committee has organized the event for the last four years.

With over 100 filled spots at all combined sessions it was a successful week of knowledge sharing and positive feedback.

Big thank you to the Health & Safety Committee and Victoria for putting it all together!

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