February 25, 2019

Chris Ford gets colorful at PRO*ACT

When Organics Category Manager Chris Ford popped into the PRO*ACT office last month to present Oppy’s citrus program he didn’t expect to be ‘under the microphone’—but that’s exactly what happened. Bringing in samples of JAZZ apples and SunGold kiwifruit, Chris walked the office after his meeting sharing the tasty treats when Marketing Director Brian Denton asked him to record an impromptu podcast for their Colorful Plates channel. Of course, he obliged.

“The network we have with PRO*ACT gives Oppy the opportunity reach a wide variety of customers including chefs that directly impact food trends,” Chris said. The pair chatted about the two varieties he brought in the seven minute segment. Passionate about foodservice, Chris enthusiastically asked, “Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to buy a JAZZ apple or SunGold at the airport instead of a Red Delicious?”

Listen to Chris on the Colorful Plates podcast here.

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