April 3, 2023

CBC News: B.C. vertical farming company says it could produce up to 6 million bags of salad greens a year

B.C.’s first hands-free vertical farm launches in Pitt Meadows

A newly launched vertical farming enterprise in Pitt Meadows, B.C., is hoping to ease food security in the province, as it offers locally grown, environmentally sustainable produce.

The operation, called UP Vertical Farms, is growing baby leafy greens vertically — on shelves stacked atop one another, on a piece of land a fraction of the size needed for traditional farming. According to a news release, the company says it could produce 6.3 million bags of greens per year, which would be sold in grocery stores throughout Western Canada.

“As most people have noticed, our lettuce supply from California’s been really hit and miss,” said Lenore Newman, the director of the Food and Agriculture Institute at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Read the full story on CBC News here (and be sure to watch the video).

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