From plant to planet

With 160 years in business, sustainability is in our nature. We’re prudent about the resources we use. We’re mindful about how we live and work. And we care about our neighbors, our colleagues, and the places we grow.

Our supply chain is vast, touching over two dozen countries. Our delivery network is far reaching, with over 1,300 customers on our routes. With this complexity comes both challenge and opportunity. By examining every step of the channel, we are always discovering ways to do more with less. This optimization saves time, money and other resources—and we share these savings with our stakeholders.

With the help of carbon management partners Offsetters and ClimateSmart, we have measured our greenhouse gas emissions and developed effective reduction strategies. In 2013, we reached our two-year goal of bringing our emissions down by five percent. We share our progress on the Carbon Disclosure Project, building in accountability and discipline.

By actively participating in the EPA Smartway partnership, we reduce pollution and save resources on the road. By marketing more Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified products, we help our growers support their communities. And by implementing packaging, shipping and storage efficiencies on a regular basis we assure our supply chain becomes ever greener.

Closer to home, we nurture the neighborhoods where we work, contributing in meaningful ways that can make a world of difference.

Climate Smart