September 20, 2016

Viva Chile!

Every year the Chilean community from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey organize an outdoor party at Bellevue State Park to celebrate Fiestas Patrias. Often referred to as Dieciocho or 18th as the celebration occurs on September 18, it commemorates the proclamation of the First Governing Body of 1810 and marking the beginning of the Chilean independence process.

Fiestas Patrias is an expression of Chilean culture with traditional foods, empanadas, Humitas Pastel de Choclo, Mote con Huesillo, Alfajor and entertainment of games, music, professional dancers and dancing the La Cueca. Close to 500 people showed up to the event with families and friends sharing food, traditions and Chilean culture the same way it would be done in Chile with a large decorated tent called a Fonda or Ramadas.

Oppy people Emilio Castro, Leopoldo Villagra, Carola Molina and Javier Galleguillos had a great time sharing their traditions with Craig Curry and Joe Mazur. A great opportunity to show what Chile means to them and prove a famous line from a popular song “Y verás como quieren en Chile al amigo cuando es forastero,” “In Chile, you’ll see how well they treat friends from abroad.”

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