July 24, 2014

Uruguay citrus joins Oppy line up

Vancouver, BC ― Sweet citrus snacks are abundant now at Oppy, as the marketer adds fruit from Uruguay to its summer offerings.

Early shipments of Uruguayan lemons―which sold out in a flash―were followed by Clementines and Navels that will be available through August. This is Oppy’s first offering of fruit from Uruguay, which was granted access to the U.S. market in 2013.

“It’s a brief season characterized by good quality as growers work to create a foothold here,” said James Milne, citrus category director. “First impressions count. We’ve been pleased by the fruit we’ve received to date, and feedback from our customers has been enthusiastic and encouraging.”

Oppy is shipping the Urugold label, which is packed by four Uruguayan growers.

“Uruguayan fruit adds another dimension to our citrus offerings,” Milne said. “During the summer, we’re marketing a wide assortment of oranges, including the popular easy-peelers from Chile, Peru and Australia. We’re excited to present fruit from a new source country to our customers, knowing the flavor is intense and the condition excellent.”

Oppy is offering Uruguayan fruit in two, three and five pound bags as well as bulk. For more details on Oppy’s citrus category, please visit www.oppy.com.

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