May 25, 2016

Top-performing Envy apple returns to the market next week

The wait is almost over. The New Zealand Envy™ apple crop is on the water, much to the delight of retailers across North America, who are eager for the strong dollar and volume contributions of this premium apple to resume.

Envy sales nearly doubled in volume between 2014 and 2015, and its dollar contribution increased by over 120 percent, growing faster than all other premium apples in both measures, according to FreshLook data. It currently ranks fifth in volume, behind the well-established Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, JAZZ™, and Ambrosia, which is remarkable given that it has only been commercially available for four years, said David Nelley, executive category director for apples and pears at Oppy, the leading fresh produce sales, marketing and distribution company.

Envy demonstrated the strongest growth in pounds and also the strongest growth in retail sales of 11 premium apples in 2015 compared to 2014.

“We’re proud of that achievement, but not surprised, given that one super premium retailer in California told us Envy has been the biggest item in terms of gross sales in the entire store for certain periods,” Nelley said. “Cool nights and dry harvest days have colored up this season’s New Zealand Envy crop beautifully. Our retail partners are in for a real treat, not only because the fruit looks and tastes so good, but its category contribution is proven and continues to come on strong.”

Nelley urges retailers to promote Envy at various points through the summer, assuring the bright red apple will acquire new fans with its crisp crunch and intense sweetness all season long.

Oppy offers Envy from New Zealand and Chile from June through September.

The arrival of the fresh-crop Envy comes as a great relief to the popular fruit’s social media coordinator, whose days have been filled responding to messages from fans demanding Envy since the Washington crop sold out in March.

“People are extremely eager to learn when they can find this apple again,” said James Milne, executive director of marketing at Oppy, noting the daily onslaught of communication from Envy fans. “We’re excited to tell our passionate Envy seekers where they can buy it, instead of asking them to be patient until the fresh crop is back.”

The Envy Nation is running out of patience, so Oppy anticipates they’ll be running to their favorite stores seeking the fruit in early June.

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