April 18, 2023

Perishable News: Oppy and Food Forward Combine Zero Waste Efforts

Oppy just announced in their recent sustainability report that they have established a new dedicated collaboration with Food Forward, one of the nation’s largest independent urban produce reclamation and upcycling organizations. As Southern California’s largest independent produce reclamation and urban gleaning organization, Food Forward successfully upcycles healthy fresh produce to food insecure communities, mitigating food waste through their partnerships with produce donors across the country.

In 2022 alone, Food Forward saw a 24% increase in produce donations (from 2021) through their dedicated partnerships with growers and the wholesale produce industry. By reallocating more than 300 million pounds of produce since their founding in 2009, Food Forward continues to share the benefits of their sustainable operations with progressive partners like Oppy.

Read the rest of the article in Perishable News here.

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