August 11, 2021

Oppy Showcases the New School Way to enjoy Ocean Spray®

Fresh berries, grapes and citrus shine in back-to-school campaign

With many headed back to their classrooms, campuses and cubicles, more regularly come fall, Oppy is putting lunchbox favorites from its exclusive collaboration with the Ocean Spray® brand on full display in its back-to-school campaign. Oppy, leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world is presenting its berries, grapes and citrus under the umbrella of the campaign’s positioning line: ‘The new school way to enjoy Ocean Spray®’. All items are available now.

“During the pandemic, consumers gravitated back to the brands they know and trust,” said Eric Sinsigalli, director of sales at Ocean Spray®, accounting for the over 4 million new households that rediscovered their love for Ocean Spray® products in that period. “With the brand further expanding down produce aisles just a few short years ago, ‘The new school way to enjoy Ocean Spray®’ campaign reminds consumers that the same label they know for its quality is providing them exceptional items in fresh too — during a pivotal moment in their family’s lives.”

That moment aligns perfectly with ample volumes of some of the best eating fruit, according to Brand and Key Account Manager TJ Wilson, who heads the brand strategy for Ocean Spray® products at Oppy.

“Retailers can get really excited for this August-September period as back-to-school sales return,” Wilson said. “With consumers packing a lunchbox, school bag or briefcase for the first time again instead of running down to the kitchen and opening their fridge, these items still offer all the conveniences of home in a portable snack. Just wash and serve, or peel and serve.”

The campaign includes POS materials, merchandising vehicles for in-store displays, an array of digital and social content, and customizable retailer promotions based on partner needs. Its shopper marketing strategy also entails a mobile-first advertising component to drive messaging directly to its preferred audience via geo-targeting.

“This is a relationship I’ve personally been a part of for a decade,” said Oppy’s Senior Vice President of Sales for North America Brett Libke, “Oppy and Ocean Spray have been building this bond over a half-century of business together. The success of our exclusive fresh cranberry program, which began nearly two decades ago, laid the groundwork for our strawberry venture to go live in 2016. Now we bring a trusted, comprehensive fresh produce line to market together. I am incredibly proud of this partnership and the diverse items we deliver today.”  Libke notes there are plans for further growth, having announced Oppy’s 12-month grape program in the Ocean Spray® brand earlier this year.

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