October 16, 2019

Oppy inspires recycling with new partnership

Joining more than 175 brand owners and retailers that have added the How2Recycle® label program to their products, Oppy aims to inspire families everywhere to recycle its produce packaging and make it easier to do so.

How2Recycle® is a standardized on-package label program dedicated to reducing confusion over a product’s recyclability. Each label is unique in that all members receive a customized recycling assessment for every pack style to ensure accurate disposal—these labels provide the public with detailed recycling instructions that the traditional chasing-arrows symbol doesn’t provide.

“We believe that consumer education for recycled packaging is a top-of-mind issue,” said Cathie MacDonald, director, marketing services, who executes strategy for packaging, brand development and design and manages the creative services team at Oppy. “Partnering with How2Recycle® was a natural next step in our mission to drive participation in the circular packaging economy. Anything we can do that empowers shoppers to recycle more responsibly is good for the planet, our future and us all.”

Oppy is a member of CPMA’s “Plastics Packaging Working Group” whose goal is to work with the government, regulatory agencies, other stakeholders and customers to create an industry-led packaging strategy. Having labels on tens of thousands of products in the marketplace, How2Recyle® is also a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition® that brings together business, educational institutions and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability and develop meaningful improvements for packaging solutions.

“Oppy isn’t just passionate about sustainability, it’s integrated into everything we do. Working together with both these alliances strengthens our approach to the future of packaging,” MacDonald said. Along with avidly developing innovative pack styles as part of an overall effort to bring sustainable solutions to their customers, Oppy recently broke new ground by promoting a resource dedicated to innovation to guide such advancements.

Oppy will be rolling out its first pack featuring the How2Recycle® label in the coming weeks.

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