July 14, 2014

Oppy goes back to school with Sesame Street

Vancouver, BC ― A wide assortment of Oppy products are getting in character right now, suiting up for a comprehensive ’eat brighter!’ roll out. The marketer’s first offering―a mesh bag filled with seedless, easy-peel citrus featuring Cookie Monster for back-to-school promotions―will hit the shelves by mid-August.

“We view the ‘eat brighter!’ program as a great opportunity to drive retail sales while also uniting numerous Oppy items in a popular theme,” said John Anderson, chairman, president and CEO. “We deeply appreciate the opportunity that PMA has created for us to apply the Sesame Street characters to our products in ways that appeal to the next generation of produce consumers.”

Fresh produce in Oppy’s ‘eat brighter!’ queue include apples, avocados, berries, citrus, cucumbers, grapes, kiwifruit, mangoes, pineapples, plums and peppers, which will debut at intervals in the year ahead. They will feature various Sesame Street characters on wraps, labels, bags and more.

“’eat brighter!’ is being embraced by our international family of growers,” said David Smith, Oppy’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and categories.

“The characters are charming and familiar, and they exemplify positive associations that span generations. We’ve been looking for the right opportunity to align with a kid-friendly marketing campaign and this one resonates throughout our supply chain.”

James Milne, director of marketing, believes ‘eat brighter!’ has the potential to make meaningful difference in the produce department.

“There’s no doubt a well-orchestrated approach to this campaign will drive sales,” Milne said. “We’ve been handed the opportunity to make fresh produce engaging in a whole new way. ‘eat brighter!’ has transformed the mundane ‘eat your fruits and vegetables―they’re good for you’ message kids hear to something inviting and fun. Perhaps this will ultimately lead to the increase in consumption our industry has been working toward for many years.”

Oppy plans to bring both imported and domestically grown items into the ‘eat brighter!’ program and support them with point of sale signage, retailer and consumer competitions, blogger outreach and more.

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