April 22, 2013

Oppy announces sales promotion

VANCOUVER, B.C.—  Ben Vallejo, a fifteen-year veteran with The Oppenheimer Group, was promoted to sales manager of the company’s Chino Hills, Calif. office April 1.

Vallejo, who had been an Oppy sales representative since 2007, now leads the seven-person team responsible for marketing the company’s products in the southwestern U.S., as well as national foodservice business development.

“Ben is uniquely qualified for the sales management role, thanks to his proven sales leadership, his expertise with category development and grower relations, and the unparalleled product knowledge that comes from his quality assurance experience,” said Eric Coty, the company’s West Coast director of sales. “He brings a full complement of very relevant skills into the role.”

Vallejo joined Oppy in 1998 as a quality control inspector, taking on positions of increasing responsibility and becoming West Coast quality control manager in 2005.  Two years later, he transitioned into sales.

Along the way, Vallejo was given category management oversight of Oppy’s citrus and kiwifruit business for the western U.S., while also managing its New Zealand apricot deal for the region. He will continue to hold these responsibilities.

The multi-faceted Vallejo has accepted his new sales management role during a fast-paced time for Oppy.

“We are experiencing intense volume growth right now, which means exciting opportunities to build new programs,” he said. “We have a strong team of sales and marketing professionals partnering with customers to drive the performance of our products at retail and foodservice.  I look forward to supporting their efforts to help assure our customers achieve their objectives with Oppy items.”

Vallejo noted that the Oppy team will put significant focus products grown in the western U.S. and Canada for the balance of the spring and through the summer, while also prioritizing the company’s signature Southern Hemisphere business.

“We are anticipating a big cherry year from the Pacific Northwest, and a significant increase over the 2012 volume of vine-ripe tomatoes from Oceanside Pole. Our BC pepper deal is larger than ever, and will include conventional and organic. And we offer a full assortment of greenhouse items grown in California,” he said. “Meanwhile, our New Zealand and Chilean deals are ramping up into full swing with high quality, fresh-crop items. It is an exciting time for Oppy, filled with opportunities for our growers and customers, too.”

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