February 1, 2018

Oceanside Sprouts Up in Acreage

Oceanside Pole Brussels sprouts will be plentiful mid-winter through spring, thanks to expanded plantings and an earlier start—a concerted progression of their highly successful 2017 debut.

With the harvest beginning in early February, the Singh family and exclusive marketing partner Oppy will offer Brussels sprouts about a month earlier than last year, having planted on 100 additional acres in the Oceanside, California area.

The Singhs produced Brussels sprouts for the first time last March, selecting a crop that seasonally complements their popular Oceanside Pole tomato line and grows well in the same coastal microclimate. The result of proven growing practices and an unparalleled passion for quality, the Singhs’ strong Brussels sprout crop elicited an excellent market response, according to James Galindo, senior sales rep at Oppy who oversees the program.

“All of the diligence and care that the Singhs bring to their tomato program is naturally applied when they grow sprouts,” he said. “We’re all working hard to make our 2018 offering performs every bit as well for our customers as last year’s crop did.”

Brussels sprouts continue to enjoy widespread popularity, with Fresh Look data showing double digit volume growth in all regions of the U.S. in 2017. Year over year, Brussels sprouts volume is up 19 percent, and sales up 22 percent, while sustaining a three percent increase in price per pound.

Priya Singh, general manager at West Coast Tomato, owner of the Oceanside Pole brand, feels well positioned to capitalize on this demand. “It’s been a good growing season, so our quality is excellent,” he said. “And by expanding as we have, we are ready to deliver on demand, and make the most continued consumer interest in Brussels sprouts.”

Oceanside Pole Brussels sprouts will be sold in 25-pound bulk cartons, with iced and un-iced options available through mid-June. While the sprouts are peaking on size medium, Oppy will also offer small and jumbo.

“Sprouts grown in Oceanside are the perfect call for California Grown promotions,” Galindo noted. “The retailers we’ve approached are excited to showcase them.”

Oppy offers custom point of sale signage, social posts, and other tools to help drive Oceanside Pole Brussels sprout sales all season long.

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