August 1, 2013

JAZZ™ apple stumper reaches millions of Jeopardy! viewers

Los Angeles, Calif.  —   While JAZZ apples have always had a winning reputation, on the July 19 episode of Jeopardy!, the tangy-sweet, crunchy phenom had all three contestants out on a limb.

In the “double jeopardy” round of the popular quiz show, host Alex Trebeck revealed the $2,000 clue in a category all about apples:  “The Royal Gala and Braeburn were crossed to get this variety with a musical name,” he said.  And while no player in the tight game dared ring in with a guess, the JAZZ apple enjoyed the global spotlight in front of the Emmy-winning program’s multi-million-viewer audience.

“We got a pretty big kick out of seeing JAZZ on Jeopardy!,” said Roger Aguirre, West Coast apple and pear category and sales manager at The Oppenheimer Group. “It illustrates that JAZZ has truly hit the mainstream. Though even the brightest trivia experts may not know its parentage, millions more people have heard of it now that it was on the show.”

Other apples mentioned in the Jeopardy! category included such familiar varieties as Red Delicious, MacIntosh, and Granny Smith.

Oppy’s current JAZZ apple sales velocity defines the fruit’s skyrocketing popularity. Midway through the New Zealand season, JAZZ apple stocks are barely accommodating the demand.

“It is not easy to earn and maintain a foothold in the crowded apple category, but JAZZ has established itself as a clear winner,” Aguirre said, noting that JAZZ typically features in the top 10 apples at major U.S. retailers. “Kudos to the growers in both hemispheres who have been vigilant about consistency, quality and flavor. And equal credit is due to our retail partners who continue to promote it and position it well.”

Aguirre also gave props to the apple’s robust social media presence, which has turned consumers throughout the world into ambassadors for the fruit. JAZZ apples can be seen on Jeopardy! at

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