July 9, 2019

Day in the life… of Senior Sales Representative Dan Wickland

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Never straying too far from The Great Lakes as he moved around, Dan was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently lives there now. While attending Harper Junior College he was hired at an importer who happened to work with some of the same growers as Oppy. After going through the Chilean grape scare of 1989, a memorable and chaotic moment in his career, Dan was hired at Oppy almost 17 years ago.

Each day Dan gets into the office early to prepare his daily category updates, “then I’m on the phones selling our great products from A to Z depending on the season,” he said. Dan has particularly enjoyed working with the IT team on internal sales system functions for Optimo, Oppy’s proprietary enterprise system that leads the industry in data access and integrated functionality. He also enjoys each new cranberry season that he declares fast, furious and fun, as well as a very memorable business trip to New Zealand with his team a few years back.

Dan and his wife live with their border terrier Peanut and cat Cookie, and enjoy spending time with their son and daughter-in-law and watching their granddaughter grow up. The pair vacation on their many choices of lakes in Wisconsin each summer to relax and fish, which Dan calls fishing his longtime vice.

Going into the future, Dan hopes to continue working with the bright young talent in the Chicago office and passing on his years of experience and knowledge of changes he’s seen in the industry. Fresh minds are lucky to learn from you Dan!

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