December 19, 2023

Day in the life of… Senior Credit Analyst Daryl Croswell

Born and raised in the countryside 30 minutes East of Edmonton, Alberta, Daryl currently resides in BC’s Lower Mainland. She is armed with a diploma in business finance and is currently on track to receive her CCP designation from the Credit Institute of Canada. Prior to joining Oppy, Daryl gained valuable experience in administration, accounts payable and receivable in multiple industries. Hired as an Oppy credit analyst in 2018, she was promoted to senior credit analyst last year. 

Daryl’s daily responsibilities involve reviewing overdue accounts and maintaining effective communication with her team regarding ongoing tasks, ensuring everyone is well-informed about any arising issues. “We convene with the team on a weekly basis to address concerns and maintain a monthly meeting to review accounts,” she said. 

 “Having the ability to work from home in our hybrid model gives a great balance”, Daryl shared. “Oppy’s community and social events are a testament to our great culture!”  

For fun, Daryl enjoys listening to rock music and attending concerts. She believes strongly in Oppy’s purpose, grow our tomorrow, to her it means, “always being receptive to feedback so you can learn and evolve, and always going the extra mile to help a customer, colleague or grower.” 

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