March 29, 2022

CPMA timely as Oppy spotlights T&G apples in Canadian market

Envy and JAZZ apples continue to grow in Canada through customized efforts

As the first in-person CPMA show in three years approaches, Oppy is eager to revisit Montreal, the eastern Canadian hub for its latest promotional efforts supporting leading premium Envy™ and JAZZ™ apple brands.

Apples are the second best-selling fruit category based on dollar value, accounting for nearly 12% of total fruit sales in Canada, according to Nielsen Canada, shared Cecilia Flores Paez, T&G’s head of marketing for North America. “We’ve received remarkable feedback and seen significant growth in several key Canadian regions recently — both brands continue to gain traction thanks to our combined efforts with Oppy to build awareness and trial for our amazing brands with integrated campaigns.”

Now airing on Game TV, JAZZ™ is the sole sponsor of Pop Whiz, a travelling pop culture game show in Canada. The series, which targets teens 13-17 and features sampling events, a national online component with games, quizzes, influencers, radio, social media and more, was produced in several Ontario communities. Oppy’s Business Development Representative Susanne Bertolas, who heads the Canadian market, highlights the value of showcasing JAZZ™ as the on-the-go apple to this next generation of shoppers. She added, “The deliciously crisp and tangy-sweet flavor of JAZZ™, combined with its size, makes it the perfect snack — ideal for at school, home or work.”

Continuing efforts through to Quebec, Bertolas represented Envy™ apples at The National Women’s Show at the end of 2021 which was noted as a renowned success. “The province is quite localized and can be a difficult market to penetrate, and that’s why we were so pleased that everyone who tried it, loved it. With over 1,000 consumer samples distributed, our report indicated that nearly 100% said they would buy it.” Though Envy™ is not widely distributed in Quebec, primarily due to strong distribution of local-only apples, Bertolas considered the event to be a breakthrough.

As the team looks to getting boots on the ground again on April 6, CPMA attendees can anticipate Envy™ apples featured in and around the trade show in surprising ways, including at the annual banquet, which Oppy is sponsoring.

Visit Oppy at booth #1209 and learn more about featured brands Envy™ and JAZZ™, along with Divemex, Ocean Spray and Zespri, while also grabbing a cup of joe. Just across the aisle is a complementary booth exhibiting Oppy’s latest innovations: brands UP Vertical Farms™, its first-ever vertical farming venture, which can also be found in the innovation showcase, and Ocean Spray Happy Berry™, its first-ever hydroponic strawberry line, which can also be found in the new product showcase.

“As the last CPMA was also in Montreal, and considering our recent efforts on the East Coast, we’re really coming full circle. I’m looking so forward to the energy of the show and being face-to-face with friends old and new, there’s just nothing like it,” Bertolas said.

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