March 6, 2016

Pacific Rose makes gains in domestic U.S. market

As the “Apple of the Month” in a recent promotion, Pacific Rose™ became the apple of yet another major U.S. retailer’s eye.

Pacific Rose, originally from New Zealand and now grown in Washington state, has enjoyed increasing retail interest this season according to David Nelley, executive category director, apples and pears, for Oppy, Pacific Rose’s exclusive North American marketer.

“While very well established and highly sought-after in many Asian countries, domestic retailers’ minds are now turning toward Pacific Rose more frequently,” he said. “It has excellent keeping quality late in the season, and stands out at retail due to its rosy pink skin.”

Case in point: In January, a national retailer enjoyed a sales increase of nearly 250 percent over the same period last year by promoting Pacific Rose as its apple of the month. Shopper interest was high: Pacific Rose set a new record for digital apple coupon downloads and redemptions.

This promotion enabled people to taste the sweet apple at the front end of good supply, Nelley said.

Simultaneously, Pacific Rose has been the subject of focus group research this winter as Oppy gains a deeper understanding of what apple consumers and foodies like about the apple.

“The response has been fascinating,” Nelley said. “U.S.- grown Pacific Rose has been in the market for 15 years and has sparked demand for the Gala/Splendor varieties in Asian markets. Within North America it’s been sometimes overshadowed by apples with more intense flavors and hype, but we’re discovering there is a loyal following as people love the sweetness and understated aspects of the Pacific Rose. We’re excited to find that the apple’s sweetness and crunch are behind the increase in total dollars from same period last year on the domestic market.”

The results of the focus group studies will drive new branding and marketing strategies for this Washington exclusive apple next fall.

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