June 3, 2015

Orchard View Farms welcomes early cherry season

THE DALLES, ORE.—Harvest is underway at Orchard View Farms, where expectations are high for a fast-paced, top-quality season.

Orchard View packed its first Chelans last weekend, with Rainiers set to follow in about a week, and Bings not far behind.

“Like other Pacific Northwest locations, cherry season came early to The Dalles,” said Jon Bailey, sales manager responsible for Orchard View Farms. “Warm spring temperatures gave us the head start. It’s exciting because it means promotable cherry volumes will be available earlier than normal. Consumers will think that summer has arrived ahead of schedule, so we expect impulse purchases of cherries to go through the roof throughout June.”

The 2015 harvest marks the sixth season that Orchard View Farms has exclusively partnered with Oppy, a relationship that benefits customers looking for large-sized cherries from a regional alternative to Central Washington.

“Oppy sales people are on site through the season, working from the Orchard View pack house to assure the fruit meets our customers’ specifications and the logistics run smoothly,” said deal manager Larry Hanson, who has relocated to The Dalles for the last four seasons. “It’s a combination that works.”

While Oregon’s volume was significantly reduced by 2014’s fall cold snap, Orchard View’s fruit quality remains high, and consistent supplies of preferred cherry varieties—and sizes— will be available throughout the season.

“The higher elevation of Orchard View Farms’ blocks helped the tonnage to recover a little better than initially forecast,” Bailey said. “We know we are very fortunate that we can bring a program of this quality to the market this year.”

Orchard View Farms cherries will be packed in high graphic pouch bags, available in in both 27-lb (12/2.25-lb) and 18-lb (8/2.25-lb) configurations to complement clamshell offerings.

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