March 2, 2020

Orchard View continues expansion by adding Mike Omeg to management team

Mike and Brenda

To complement Orchard View’s fast-moving growth, the top cherry farm has recently promoted Mike Omeg to lead its business operations department.

As director of the new department, Omeg brings extensive industry-specific experience and a passion for cherry farming, to a group focused on data analysis, safety and compliance while exploring potential opportunities for future development.

The promotion follows a 2018 partnership between Omeg, owner of Omeg Orchards, and Orchard View, although the relationship between the produce powerhouses dates back to 1923. Orchard View believes Omeg’s formal horticultural education, including a master’s in entomology from Oregon State University, and many years of cherry experience, will help inform the future direction of the company.

“Joining Orchard View has been an exciting opportunity for me to bring my knowledge and expertise to a professionally managed family farm,” Omeg said. “I have enjoyed helping the team meet the new challenges of a growing business and ever-changing cherry industry.”

Focusing on enhancing efficiency, volume and quality, Orchard View’s season is only an eight-week window, emphasizing the necessity of streamlining operations to meet increasing demand for their high-quality cherries, which are grown over approximately 3,200 acres.

“Throughout our long history, Orchard View always prefers to recruit from within, especially as our company continues on its growth trajectory,” Orchard View President Brenda Thomas said. “We are therefore proud to welcome Mike Omeg to the management team, and we are confident that he will help us navigate the increasingly complex considerations in the industry thanks to his multifaceted background.”

Orchard View and Oppy, a premier grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce around the world, celebrated 10 years of a fully integrated partnership last year, which utilizes the compelling value proposition of both industry leaders.

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