August 20, 2018

Oppy gets down and dirty at the Rugged Maniac

When Grower Accountant Faraz Qureshi isn’t crunching numbers, he can be found crunching hikes, camping or travelling somewhere new. When he heard of the Rugged Maniac coming to town he knew he wanted to share his love of the outdoors with his coworkers at Oppy. “We’re all interconnected on a daily basis and I wanted to apply that team spirit outside the work environment,” he said.

Joined by Hugo Alvarez, Johanna Clayton, Harrison Gavel, Kieren Milton, Aaron Jones, Anis Mansoor, Ahsan Maredia and his wife Nikkishah and Jason Shelefontiuk along with his wife Kyla and their kids, the group watched each other’s back throughout the race. Preparing for the event through various workouts, some attribute their stamina to Oppy boot camp and look forward to participating in more events with their coworkers next year.

After the race the crew celebrated with a cold beverage and grabbing a bite to eat together. Faraz said the teamwork at the event “truly showed what Oppy-fied individuals we are!”

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