October 19, 2012

“Oppy” Brings Freshness to Oppenheimer Approach

VANCOUVER, B.C. —  While The Oppenheimer Group may be one of the best known names in the international produce community, day-to-day the industry has long called the full-service produce marketing and distribution company something else altogether.

“Our friends call us Oppy,” said John Anderson, chairman president and CEO.

And as the organization began a brand-refreshment initiative earlier this year, the moniker resonated.

“Anyone who does business with us knows that we are less formal and organizationally nimbler than our full company name might suggest,” he said. “Sometimes nicknames are more apt than official ones. ‘Oppy’ is fresh and contemporary, and reflects the evolution of our business, now and moving forward.”

Anderson also noted that Oppy is an easy shortcut that many of the company’s international growers, customers and team members already use, so the shift will come naturally. The trade will have the opportunity to learn more about Oppy at PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim this week.

The road to Oppy has been a long and storied one — though Anderson asserts that the new name is about the organization’s future.

“Many know us as one of the oldest companies in the industry,” he said. “We are proud of our longevity and achievements, of course. But we are more interested in staying at the forefront, and Oppy is symbolic of that. We are focusing on refining our supply chain to efficiently serve our growers and our customers even better. Using technology to simplify what it takes to go to market. By innovating flavors, pack styles and delivery systems.”

About a decade ago, the brand promise expect the world from us began appearing alongside Oppenheimer’s familiar navy blue logo. And while the traditional “Oppenheimer” logo gives way to the friendlier “Oppy” emblem over time, the promise remains the centerpiece of the brand, Anderson said.

“Our singular objective of delivering on our brand promise continues to drive everything we do,” he said. “But as ‘Oppy’ we are working in a more contemporary way, challenging ourselves to find new solutions and better approaches. I can’t remember a time when I was more excited about the future of our organization.” 




Karin Gardner, Marketing Communications Manager
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