July 16, 2014

JAZZ promotion raises funds for diabetes prevention

Vancouver, BC ― JAZZ apples are putting their money where your mouth is.

Through Crunch to Contribute, a social media campaign that offers a $1 donation to the American or Canadian Diabetes Association in exchange for every JAZZ apple photo uploaded to www.jazzapple.com/c2c, people everywhere are crunching for a cause.

Accessible via Facebook, smart phones and desktop computers, Crunch to Contribute boasts a growing gallery of images submitted by JAZZ apple fans. The campaign extends through the end of September and aims to raise $20,000.

“New Zealand JAZZ apples are exciting consumers’ taste buds while engaging their hearts,” said David Nelley, apple and pear category director for The Oppenheimer Group. “A fresh, crunchy JAZZ apple is an incredibly refreshing summer snack. And with a few quick clicks, people can post a fun photo while helping others.”

Participants can also share their Crunch to Contribute photos through various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to invite their friends to get involved.

Diabetes continues to be a leading cause of death in North America, affecting nearly one in ten people in the U.S. and roughly seven percent of Canadians.

“Regular physical activity and healthy eating are important for all of us, particularly those at risk of or living with diabetes,” Nelley said. “JAZZ apples can help in several ways. Being high in fiber, they add a healthy benefit to snacks and recipes. And through Crunch to Contribute, we can make funds available for investment in programs that support people living with diabetes and may help curb the growth rate of the disease in the future.”

Oppy is spreading the word about Crunch to Contribute through Facebook, Twitter, blogger outreach, in-store promotions and traditional media, with the support of the diabetes association partners who are introducing the campaign through their own social media platforms and events throughout the summer.

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