October 26, 2015

Greenhouse powerhouses introduce OUTRAGEOUSLY FRESH

An exciting new enterprise has arrived in the greenhouse category, conceived by leading growers SunSelect and Divemex, and their shared marketing partner The Oppenheimer Group.

Chief Executive Officer Luis de Saracho of Divemex and Chief Operating Officer Len Krahn of SunSelect agree that the combined brand represents their mutual promise to the consumer of freshness and innovation. “We’re thrilled to be part of a bold concept that combines the expertise of two of the world’s most progressive greenhouse growers with the fresh ideas retailers and consumers are seeking,” said David Smith, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Oppy.

The new “Outrageously Fresh” unites premium greenhouse products from the U.S., Canada and Mexico under a single premise answering the year-round demand for fresh, great tasting produce, backed by a proliferation of new ideas in packaging, product mix, growing methods, and more.

Between the two growers, Outrageously Fresh will have the largest capacity under glass of any privately owned greenhouse brand, with more than 900 acres in production between them.

“Being ‘outrageous’ removes boundaries and gives us license to play—to be bold and take risks in the name of freshness,” said Mike Reed, executive vice president and chief business development officer for SunSelect Produce, Delta, BC and Tehachapi, Calif. “It’s about generating solutions in the greenhouse, throughout the supply chain, and especially for the consumer—that constantly refresh the way we go to market.”

Divemex of Guadalajara, Mexico, has been long known as a progressive greenhouse category innovator. De Saracho views Outrageously Fresh as an opportunity to raise the bar, and points to values shared by the growers as the main reason it will succeed. Among many other synergies, both Divemex and SunSelect are Fair Trade Certified, a fresh idea Divemex pioneered in the greenhouse category in 2011.

“The concept challenges us to strive toward freshness in all that we do,” de Saracho said. “It’s what we stand for. Together, we care about the products, the people who grow them, the people who display and sell them and ultimately those who enjoy them. Outrageously Fresh expresses the lengths we go to in order to enhance the experience everyone has with everything we grow.”

Outrageously Fresh products include organic and conventional red, yellow, and orange sweet bell peppers and mini peppers, long English and mini cucumbers. As well, conventional tomatoes-on-the-vine, cocktail and new snacking tomatoes including grape, cherry and a gourmet medley mix will be packed into the Outrageously Fresh brand.

All items will appear in bold new packaging, including top-sealed clamshells and the innovative new exclusive “jar” bags—a poly-bag resembling a glass mason jar that contains mini cucumbers, mini peppers, grape tomatoes or tomato medley.

“The jar bag presents these colorful snacks in a unique and imaginative way,” Reed said. “We’ve replicated the idea of a cookie or snack jar that might sit on the kitchen counter. The design encourages families to reach for a healthier snack, especially if the treat they discover inside the jar tastes great and is fun to eat. The bags are unique and colorful to stand out on the shelf compared with conventional clamshells or handle bags that have been around for years. ”

Exclusive marketing partner Oppy is eager to bring the Outrageously Fresh concept to customers, citing the opportunity posed by the high quality and widely assorted product grown by two of its long-standing grower partners, both of whom are expanding this season.

“With excellent greenhouse produce from both Divemex and SunSelect packing into the same provocative brand, we can serve our customers better than ever before with seamless year-round programs and exciting new items,” said Smith. “With over 900 acres available to produce into the Outrageously Fresh brand—and more acreage coming on line soon for both growers— very exciting times lie ahead for our customers and their shoppers.”

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