May 10, 2017

Divemex unveils new brand

For more than two decades, Divemex has set the standard for greenhouse vegetable production in Mexico. Today, the grower introduces a fresh new brand that reflects its impressive history and sets a distinct challenge for even greater achievements ahead.

“Growing Beyond Expectations” captures what Divemex does best, producing arguably the top greenhouse product line in Mexico while also investing in community growth with creativity and pragmatism, said James Milne, vice president of marketing for Oppy, Divemex’s North American marketing partner. “The new brand represents Divemex’s keen commitment to pressing its business and its values ever forward into surprising and exciting places.”

Some may know Divemex as the first North American pepper grower to achieve Fair Trade Certification about a half dozen years ago. Now, all Divemex facilities in Etzatlan and Culiacan, Mexico, are Fair Trade certified. Producing conventional and organic sweet bell and mini peppers, as well as conventional cucumbers, Divemex blends quality with sustainable practices to yield a truly unique offering.

“Growing Beyond Expectations celebrates what we’ve achieved, but most importantly, conveys our commitment to achieve even greater things in the future,” said Luis de Saracho, CEO at Divemex. “In the beginning, we were among the first in Mexico to produce vegetables in a high tech greenhouse. Next, we focused intensely on quality, flavor and eating experience. Now, we are leading by example with our commitment to sustainability and the welfare of our team.”

The spirit of the brand celebrates Divemex’s continuing robust growth, with plans to eclipse its current annual volume of 4 million boxes through diversification and the addition of new greenhouse facilities this fall. As well, a concentration on new organic production positions Divemex to capitalize on a key consumer trend.

The Growing Beyond Expectations line accompanies a refreshed Divemex logo, evolving the traditional uppercase D emblem to a more contemporary look. The new brand will appear on packaging, point of sale materials, social media and a new website when the grower’s season begins in late summer.

“We’re excited to take this strong stand,” de Saracho said. “It focuses our attention on the kind of growth that truly matters, not just for our business but for everyone who interacts with our products.”

Notably, Divemex Fair Trade premiums have been channeled to over 1,000 scholarships for worker children and adults finishing their basic education or receiving work-related training, as well as school remodeling, computer labs, two dental clinics and other community support. Green spaces and recreational activities are available for workers to enjoy with their families.

With the Fair Trade practices of sustainability, conservation and social welfare manifested in each and every bite of high quality fresh produce grown by Divemex, de Saracho believes the Growing Beyond Expectations commitment will effectively differentiate with the trade and consumers over time.

“Growing Beyond Expectations means that the sky is the limit at Divemex,” he said. “We’ll continue to innovate and deliver products that delight consumers and build communities on both ends of the supply chain.”

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