June 10, 2024

Anticipation builds for upcoming Oceanside Pole tomato season

Highlighted by Oppy’s video series: Reports from the field

As the only pole-grown tomato operation west of the Mississippi, excitement is building among retailers and consumers for Oceanside Pole’s premium tomatoes starting the week of June 24. With an unmatched commitment to quality and freshness, first-class vine-ripe tomatoes produced on the 700-acre farm in California and additional 160 acres in Mexico are exclusively marketed by Oppy.

Favorable weather conditions and an excellent season outlook set the expectation for 2.1 million cases of rounds and 1.2 million romas. The unique growing method raises the tomatoes off the ground to improve airflow — and therefore tomato quality — to ripen to their juicy, robust taste, naturally on the vine, then harvested at retail specifications to arrive at precise perfection. Each plant is harvested an average of 22 to 24 times, ensuring tomatoes are hand-selected at optimal ripeness.

“Our method ensures that we only deliver fruit with unmatched brix levels, robust flavor, extended shelf life and a clean-slicing texture,” said Director of Sales and Strategy, and Sales Executive Mark Smith. “Picking, packing, shipping and delivering to retailers within 24 hours, Oceanside Pole tomatoes are truly one-of-a-kind.”

Peak volume is expected from late August through October, culminating around the Thanksgiving season. Packaging options include 22-pound two-layer, 25-pound volume fill, 15-pound single-layer boxes, RPCs and a 5-pound club pack, catering to the diverse needs of retailers, including custom pack styles.

Senior Sales Representative James Galindo has been documenting the entire season through Oppy’s video series: Reports from the field. These monthly updates, which began in January, provide an inside look at the meticulous efforts involved in growing Oceanside Pole tomatoes.

“My vision has been to film this entire season from start to finish. I want it to be as digestible and succinct as possible to help educate those who don’t know the extent of the effort that goes into a pole-grown tomato,” said Galindo.

As the season progresses, these videos will become even more captivating, showcasing the full picture of the harvesting and packing process, Galindo said. They offer a level of transparency and education that goes beyond traditional press releases and photos, helping viewers appreciate the care and dedication that goes into producing each piece of fruit. Find the latest video here and this season’s series here.

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