October 17, 2014

Envy makes believers out of apple fans

With the Washington Envy harvest now underway, the sweet, red apple enters the season inviting consumers to “Bite and Believe.”

The integrated Envy marketing campaign that leverages touch points inside and outside of the store will launch at Fresh Summit. “Bite and Believe” is backed by significant consumer research efforts that ascertained what people are truly looking for in a premium apple, said David Nelley, executive director of the Oppenheimer Group’s apple and pear category.

“Earlier this year we commissioned a research firm to delve into premium apple varieties,” said Nelley. “Results pinpointed what consumers across the U.S. love about premium apples and Envy in particular. As global production ramps up, the time has come to energize the look and feel of the Envy brand.”

Envy, a natural Royal Gala and Braeburn cross, is distinguished by its deep red hue, its sweetness and its natural resistance to browning when cut. While Envy is also quite popular in Asia, North America is the most mature market for the apple, Nelley said. The campaign, which has been created collaboratively between Oppy and the Envy brand owner ENZA/Turners and Growers of Auckland, New Zealand, will touch many global markets over time.

“ ‘Bite and Believe’ was inspired in part by the zealous nature of Envy fans everywhere, who have taken it upon themselves to share their discovery of Envy namely via social media,” Nelley said. “To our delight, Envy has gained a host of supporters, including produce managers, moms and apple fans who have gone out of their way to spread the word,” he continued. “We think ‘Bite and Believe’ will be very effective because it encourages trial and promises the reward of a genuine eating experience.”

‘Bite and Believe’ will reach consumers in numerous ways, including in-store signage and shipper units, billboards in key markets, outreach and contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and a new website at www.envyapples.com. The clean, contemporary site is highly interactive, encouraging users to submit Envy recipes and pairing ideas, and take part in social media discussions.
“ ‘Bite and Believe’ and its supporting messages convey the confidence that we at Oppy―and our growers and customers―have in Envy apples,” Nelley said. “This is one special apple, worthy of the buzz. In my opinion, it’s the best apple to emanate from New Zealand since the Royal Gala.”

And the buzz will begin later this week at Oppy booth #3002 where participants are invited to the #EnvyPMA photo booth to take part in the first wave of Envy social media activities associated with the launch.

“Envy volumes are increasing but they remain limited,” Nelley said. “We encourage our customers to order early and often, as supplies will move very quickly.”

Envy is available in North America exclusively from The Oppenheimer Group. The Washington season begins in early November and continues through May, with Envy from New Zealand and Chile available June through September.

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