November 18, 2016

Ambrosia: An Okanagan Original

The Ambrosia apple is a homegrown Okanagan original, discovered by the Mennells in the Similkameen Valley as a chance seedling. Its parentage is unknown but the original orchard was full of Jonagolds and had previously been home to both Golden Delicious and Red Delicious trees. The Mennells named the bi-coloured apple variety “Ambrosia,” which in Greek mythology means “food of the gods.”

A beautiful and versatile variety, Ambrosia apples are a crisp, sweet and aromatic fruit. They have a combination of red stripes over a creamy yellow background that produces a pretty pink blush. Their white flesh is sweet and slow to brown, making Ambrosia the ideal treat.

Ambrosia available from BC Tree Fruits now through March.


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