After 160 years of supplying fresh fruits and vegetables, we're still hungry.

While Oppy was founded in 1858, our mission to bring fresh global produce home continues to be as relevant, challenging and exciting as it's been throughout our history.


We’re on a lifelong mission to expand year-round availability of fresh produce.


Bringing fresh global produce home.

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Do you remember when red, green and golden were your only apple options?

Explore our variety timeline.


In 1858, Charles Oppenheimer makes his way north from California toward the “new El Dorado” as the Frasier River became known. Charles establishes a provisions store in Victoria, British Columbia to outfit the prospectors heading up into the interior searching for gold. A year later, his brothers Godfrey, Isaac and David join him and open a branch of Oppenheimer Bros. & Co. in Fort Yale. Not long afterward, a third location was opened in Barkerville to supply those heading to the Cariboo gold rush.

Over the next 20 years, the brothers establish themselves as business and community leaders. In 1887, they open Vancouver’s first brick building, a wholesale grocery warehouse. That same year, David Oppenheimer becomes the city’s second mayor.


The first Japanese oranges arrive in Vancouver.


The Oppenheimer brothers outfit prospectors in the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897, selling everything from mittens to candles to cigars.


David Oppenheimer’s contributions to the city of Vancouver were memorialized with a statue in Stanley Park.


Oppenheimer begins partnership with BC Tree Fruits, sells apples and stone fruit.


Oppenheimer markets vegetables grown in Vancouver Island greenhouses. Late in the decade, tomatoes were selling in stores at 19 cents per pound.


We introduce North Americans to Granny Smith apples. They sold at a promotional price of 2 pounds for 29 cents.


Oppenheimer starts importing onions from South America, and eventually builds one of the first Chilean fruit import programs in the industry.


Canadians get their first taste of New Zealand kiwifruit courtesy of Oppenheimer. Kiwifruit sold at 7 cents apiece.


We introduce Royal Gala apples to North America, followed shortly thereafter by Braeburn. Fuji rounds out our bi-colored apple program from New Zealand.


David Oppenheimer Transport, Inc. (DOT) begins operations.


We give North Americans their first taste of ZESPRI™ GOLD Kiwifruit.


We premier square watermelon, bringing a 50-count shipment from Japan to Vancouver where they retailed at over $100 each.


We bring ENZA JAZZ™ apples to North America for the first time.


By adding produce grown by Divemex, Oppenheimer is a year-round greenhouse vegetable marketer for the first time.


Oppenheimer becomes the North American marketer of Ocean Spray fresh cranberries.


Our 'expect the world from us' brand promise launches.


Oppenheimer pioneers Fair Trade Certified produce marketing in North America, with pineapples from Costa Rica.


We introduce Envy™ apples to North America.


Oppenheimer enters the domestic cherry business with fruit grown by Orchard View Farms.


Our tomato category grows as we add vine-ripes from Oceanside Pole to our mix.


Divemex receives Fair Trade Certification and we sell our first certified bell peppers.


We rebrand officially as Oppy.


Our first large scale California strawberry campaign begins.


Oppy partner SunSelect becomes the first Fair Trade Certified grower in the global north.


We market Oceanside Pole's first Brussels sprouts harvest.


We launch the Ocean Spray® Family-Farmer Owned™ berry brand.


We celebrate 160 years of expect the world from us.

Know where your food comes from? We do.

We can introduce you to our partner who grew it, tell you when it was picked, what pallet it arrived on, and how it traveled to your grocery store.

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We’ve been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 17 years and there’s still plenty of exciting work ahead of us.


Growing with purpose.

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