Are you a produce people person?

Please find below all of our current vacancies. If there are no vacancies that fit you at the moment but you would like to be considered for future openings we invite you to apply and we will be happy to let you know when a suitable position becomes available.

Please email your resume to [email protected].

Here are some of the exciting career paths that Oppy employees can take:

Accounting & Finance

On a mission to calculate.

The accounting and finance team’s mission is to provide accurate, timely and relevant information about the financial status of the Oppenheimer Group and its affiliated companies. This group is responsible for many aspects of our business, from compliance to contract management to risk management to financial planning to reporting.

Business Development Representatives

Product knowledge. Promotional expertise. Strategic genius.

Our business development representatives (BDRs) work closely with the sales and marketing teams to share knowledge and raise awareness of our products throughout the industry. They form a strategically placed network of marketing specialists with territories throughout North America. BDRs add value to the sales transaction, providing in-depth product knowledge, advertising opportunities, promotional activities and merchandising strategies at the retail, wholesale and foodservice level.

Category Management

Connecting our products with the market.

Our category staff members represent the link between the grower relations and sales teams. They work closely with grower relations, and the growers themselves, to set out amenable terms of trade, keeping them fully apprised of market trends, current characteristics, opportunities for additional volumes or alternative varieties. They also collaborate with our sales team to set and monitor goals to generate the best possible results.


Local Experts. International Connections.

Members of our export team map out global distribution plans with our growers, optimizing placement for their products in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East within our network of overseas customers. They adeptly manage each aspect of the transaction—from the packhouse to the ultimate customer—including procurement, sales, logistics, product specifications, quality assurance, export documentation, customs clearance and delivery.

Food Safety

Safeguarding our supply chain.

Retailers can sell our products with confidence thanks to our food safety staff, which ensures that all appropriate food safety policies and security protocols are followed. Our food safety disciplines extend to our cold storages and grower partners, assuring that they adhere to industry requirements and government regulations. Realizing that products remain vulnerable throughout the supply chain, food safety at Oppy also means monitoring the security of our produce at every location and transfer point—during vessel loading and discharge, in storage, and through to its final destination.

Grower Relations

Growers grow our business.

The grower relations group identifies new procurement opportunities and cultivates strong, collaborative relationships with growers and exporters in order to secure targeted volumes. The team monitors performance and consults with our partners on harvesting and packing, supply chain requirements and market selection.

Human Resources

The people people.

Our human resources staff works hard to continuously support our employees and to enable our company to fulfill its strategic objectives. Beyond traditional human resource activities, the HR department is also responsible for strategic planning management, performance management, employee recognition programs, succession planning and career development. HR supports our employees’ well-being through such activities as health and safety, boot camp, social events and wellness programs.

Information Technology

Wizards of ones and zeros.

At Oppy, members of our information technology (IT) team are highly integrated with the rest of the company. They support our industry-leading IT system, which involves developing specifications and applications, testing and implementation. They also maintain our websites and IT servers and provide support for all systems, networks and packaged software as well as all data and voice networks.

Marketing & Communications

Analyze. Strategize. Create.

Our marketing and communications team is the creative force behind Oppy. This group manages our brand, assists growers with their marketing and creative needs, provides market and category analysis, creates and manages advertising and marketing campaigns, oversees media relations, develops sales and materials and maintains Oppy’s online presence.

Quality Control/Operations

Control freaks—and we like them that way.

The quality control team is responsible for the quality of the product from when we first receive it to the time it ships to our customers. Comprehensive QC inspections take place at our cold storage locations (inbound, re-inspections and outbound) to ensure the right product delivers to the right customer every time.

Operations works within the quality control team and is responsible for the control of the product from the first point of receipt (pier location or cold storage) through to customer shipment. The operations team liaises with government agencies to ensure requirements are met as products travel across our supply chain.


Right product. Right time. Right price.

Members of our sales team have their fingers on the pulse of the produce market. They develop and foster important relationships with both our growers and retailers to achieve optimum revenue for everyone. Our sales people work closely with marketing, quality control/operations and transportation colleagues to ensure that the finest products are delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Supply Chain Management

Multilevel thinkers.

Supply chain management encompasses the coordination and support of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, product conversion and recondition and logistics management activities. Importantly, it also includes collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers and/or customers. There is a strong focus on continuous improvement, working closely with IT and redesigning business processes. This group also plays a lead role in assuring the traceability of our products throughout each step in the distribution process. In essence, they make sure all the links in the chain are not only there, but that they are strong.


Where high tech meets the open road.

Our transportation team arranges trucking for delivered orders as well as product transfers between our storage locations. They use our in-house systems and interactive web-based tracking technology to provide one of the most advanced transportation logistic services in North America. In addition to handling our growers’ products, transportation now offers third party freight services to other customers. This helps to keep trucks fully loaded, including backhaul opportunities.


The hub.

The warehouse team works in our Vancouver, Canada location, which is the only warehouse facility Oppy operates directly. They cover key facets of the operation including quality control, conversions and reconditioning. The warehouse itself has five separate cooling chambers to ensure optimum product condition. Our warehouse is PrimusGFS food safety certified and handles organic produce through California Certified Organic Farmers certification.