Senior VP, Categories & Marketing

James is responsible for formulating the strategic direction of each category, providing procurement, sales and marketing leadership to our category teams. He also has executive oversight for our marketing strategy and the outside sales force dedicated to promoting Oppy’s full product range.

Lending his passion and marketing expertise to many facets of our business, James has either led or facilitated the strategy for virtually every category at Oppy. By forging strong relationships with international growers and drawing on his in-depth understanding of the North American retail landscape, James drives sustainable business for these items and more.

Throughout his career, James has brought new energy into Oppy’s product portfolio, while adding value to partner brands. He was pivotal in the introduction of ENZA Braeburn and Pacific Rose™ apples to North America in the mid-1990s, setting the stage for highly-popular JAZZ™ and Envy™ apples’ later launch. Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit, Amorosa tomatoes and other items have benefitted from James’ expertise as they were introduced over the years.

From Wellington, New Zealand, James has a bachelor’s of commerce and administration from Victoria University.