Category leadership

Each major product group (category) at Oppy is organized as a unique business unit, with all Oppy resources at the ready. Category directors oversee the big picture, linking product with retail demand. Category managers and coordinators employ “on-the- ground” market knowledge to uncover the best opportunities. Together, these category leaders keep our growers informed while also directing all Oppy sales and marketing activities on their behalf.

Grower relations

Communication is the key to any working partnership. Our grower relations team is a first and frequent point of contact with our growers, establishing and supporting the relationship both in season and out.

Looking for more? Please contact the grower relations expert in your area.

Strategic planning

We love this part. It’s the point when we sit down together—long before harvest—and create a road-map for the coming season. Our category experts have a deep and experienced understanding of the market, enabling us to recommend the optimum sizes, varieties, volume, crop mix, shipping schedule, packaging, target customers, programmed sales and more. Together, we agree on a strategy that shapes the season and optimizes returns.

Food safety

This critical area can be complex, and we’re here to offer guidance. We ask our growers to be fully Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified and undertake regular food safety audits.


The North American produce industry and our retail customers are adopting the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), which enables case-level traceability across the supply chain. Oppy has been involved in this initiative since its inception, endeavoring to keep both the process and the costs manageable for growers.

Packaging & labeling

GS1 Databar? PLU? UPC? A label that meets the requirements of North American customers can be the price of admission. We can help determine what code you will need and also recommend pack styles to optimize everything from palletization, to merchandising, to environmental options, to cost savings.

Oppy also offers packaging design services and will gladly review our growers’ packs to assure they meet all government specifications.

Technology & systems integration

We support our growers via Optimo, Oppy’s proprietary enterprise system that leads the industry in data access and integrated functionality. It gives us direct control over every detail of our business from finance, to sales, to transportation, to quality control.

Optimo provides real-time (up-to-the-second) information to all Oppy sales offices, growers and cold storage locations throughout North and South America. We created Optimo to fit perfectly with the complex fresh produce business and are constantly enhancing its capabilities.

For growers in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, we can bring Optimo on site to manage inventory, assure traceability and facilitate shipping. For our growers overseas, we simply integrate Optimo with existing systems.

Learn more about Oppy’s technology offerings.

Quality control

Customer satisfaction counts. We undertake inspections at every transfer point, feeding real-time data into Optimo and ensuring that produce is treated with care, every step of the way.

Through our proven slotting system, we match each pallet with the specifications of our customers, targeting the highest return.


Phased shipping schedules bring our growers’ products efficiently to market and our relationships with service providers helps keep costs down. Oppenheimer Transport, our in-house transportation company, engages a network of trusted carriers, delivering Oppy produce from grower packing sheds and our cold storage facilities direct to retail distribution centers and stores. Oppenheimer Transport can accommodate less than load (LTL) shipments and also combines shipments from multiple sources.

Sales & marketing

Each Oppy salesperson has in-depth expertise in one or more of our product categories, enabling them to focus specifically on the items they excel at selling, creating the greatest value for our growers.

Combine that with the unique advantages our business development representative (BDR) team has to offer, and our growers’ products could not be in better hands. BDRs champion our growers and their products to our buyers, while creating effective promotions at retail that grab consumer attention and stimulate repeat sales.

Closely integrated with the sales and BDR network, our marketing and communications specialists are the creative force behind trade and consumer marketing campaigns. Whether it is a new grower, a new produce variety, or a refined category approach, our marketing team works behind the scenes to develop and implement targeted campaigns.

Our strategy is underpinned by business intelligence and category management insights. We look at everything from store demographics and product performance to shopping trends and consumer preferences, mining key details that shape smart strategies and uncover opportunities.