Growing with admiration

With resource pressure, risk of weather events and a turbulent global economy, growing great-tasting, beautiful-looking and safe produce is no easy task—but our growers persevere and flourish—continuing to grow the best produce in the world.

Oppy has created a highly efficient, streamlined and technologically innovative road to market so our growers can do what they do best—grow.

The Oppy network

Our sophisticated supply chain is designed to accommodate a wide range of globally-grown fruits and vegetables—swiftly and safely. Having the right people, processes and ports in place along the way enables Oppy to deliver higher value to both growers and buyers. Learn more.

Going to market

We provide our growers regulatory guidance at each step in the process, as well as expertise in marketing for North America and beyond. Learn more.

Oppy technology

All facets of our business are linked through customized electronic communications. We have realized economies of scale by using technology to integrate our global supply base, enable value-added services, achieve end-to-end product traceability, and provide an information conduit to our retail and foodservice customers. Learn more.

Your product in action

Success in our fast-moving business hinges on accurate, timely information. Our growers can monitor their products’ performance in the market in real time, on our dedicated growers’ website.

Apple farmer