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Oppy commemorates 10-year partnership with Orchard View

Both Oppy and Orchard View are rejoicing in more ways than one as another fast-paced, top-quality season got underway—which includes raising a glass to their decade-long union.

“We are very proud to be celebrating our 10th year as the exclusive marketer of Orchard View cherries,” said James Milne, vice president of marketing, categories and business development at Oppy. “We’ve established a strong partnership and it’s been a great fit because their season is only an eight-week window, they can capitalize on Oppy’s 52-week presence of meeting the top retailers in North America.”

Royally good nectarines

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Developed in France and now produced by one of our finest growers in Chile, REGAL’IN™ nectarines offers a sweet flavor and excellent texture. Pick up some today to WOW your customers!