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California, United States

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Tehachapi has cropped up
California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day
Outrageous freshness coming your way
Tehachapi tomatoes-on-the-vine

SunSelect was started by Gerhard and Louise Krahn in 1985. They constructed a single-acre hydroponic greenhouse to try their hand at growing bell peppers on what was then the family’s raspberry farm. The endeavor was a success, and now, 30 years later, the next generation of Krahns operates just over 100 acres of greenhouses under the SunSelect brand between B.C. and California.

As one of the largest greenhouse bell pepper producers in North America, SunSelect puts sustainability at the forefront. It was among the first B.C. greenhouse operations to convert from natural gas heat to biomass fuel about a decade ago. And in 2007, Sun Select launched the industry’s only carbon friendly pepper program.

Five years later, SunSelect took its commitment to sustainable production one step further by establishing a green carbon capture system that transforms waste carbon dioxide into fertilizer for the pepper plants.

In 2014, SunSelect began complementing its Canadian production by shipping tomatoes on-the-vine, cocktail tomatoes and sweet bell peppers from its new facility in Tehachapi, California. SunSelect is the only major greenhouse grower to produce peppers year-round in the U.S.