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Randhawa Farms

British Columbia, Canada

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Shortly after Kan Randhawa immigrated to Canada from India in 1978, he took a job as a farm worker in BC’s Lower Mainland. He soon purchased five acres of his own, where he began growing raspberries. Over time, Kan added land and diversified into greenhouse seedless cucumber and pepper production. Today, along with his sons Ajay, Vijay and Amit, Kan grows in 48 acres of greenhouses, producing under the SunSelect brand.

Randhawa Farms produces long seedless greenhouse cucumbers under lights on four acres all year long, with the remaining 44 acres dedicated to red, yellow and orange sweet bell peppers that are harvested throughout the spring and summer.

Kan values the opportunity to farm with his three sons, all of whom are in their twenties, after many years of running the operation on his own. While Ajay’s responsibilities currently focus on labor management and Vijay is the technical expert in the family, Amit, the youngest, is following in his father’s footsteps and learning the fine art of greenhouse growing.