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Perpetual Vegetable Co.

British Columbia, Canada

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Shortly after Kan Randhawa immigrated to Canada from India in 1978, he took a job as a farm worker in BC’s Lower Mainland. He soon purchased five acres of his own, where he began growing raspberries. Over time, Kan added land and diversified into greenhouse seedless cucumber and pepper production. Today, Kan’s sons Ajay, Vijay and Amit, manage the company of 76-plus acres under glass at his side, touting their evocative new brand Perpetual Vegetable Co. that launched in early 2019.

Supporting the brand is the positioning line “Life grows on” which business director Vijay says conveys the spirit of the label in both practical and philosophical terms. Passionate about conservation, the Randhawas recycle their water, carbon dioxide and other valuable nutrients along with experimenting different methods to improve forecasting, extending shelf life and more.

Long seedless cucumbers grown year round along with sweet bell and mini peppers available early-spring through mid-autumn are available exclusively from Oppy in the Perpetual Vegetable Co. brand.

To learn more about Perpetual Vegetable Co. and the Randhawa family, visit their website here.