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Mevi Avocados

Michoacán, Mexico

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The Medina family has grown avocados since 1974, when, after years of producing strawberries, sugarcane and corn, Javier Medina’s father saw great potential in this buttery, green fruit and planted his first trees. Today, Mr. Medina and his son, also called Javier, annually export Mevi brand avocados produced on over 600 hectares to the U.S. The fruit is packed year-round in the town of Tancitaro—known by many as the “world avocado capital.” In July 2013, the Medinas opened a second packhouse in the state of Jalisco to accommodate their growing business.

Mevi avocados are known for their premium quality, made possible by the Medina’s integrated supply chain from nursery to delivery. And as the younger Javier Medina brings new energy and innovation to the operation—prioritizing such initiatives as GS1 labeling, preconditioning and RPC delivery capability—Mevi avocados are bound to keep growing.