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Fresh blackberries coming soon!
Luscious blackberries from Harvest 52!

Living up to its name by picking, packing and shipping fresh fruit every week of the year, Harvest 52 is quickly emerging as one of Mexico’s premier berry grower/exporters.

Harvest 52 opened in June 2012, growing and packing in Jalisco, Colima and Michoacan, Mexico. The label has achieved prominence in just a few short years because its principals prioritize quality and flavor, while cultivating a strategic product mix through grower partnerships. Harvest 52’s production consists primarily of blackberries and strawberries, with blueberries and raspberries rounding out their mix—all high demand items in the North American market.

Harvest 52 grows on its own land while also offering export services for associate growers who meet their quality standards. Grower partnerships are enhanced by Harvest 52’s technical services, growing expertise, and financial support for improvements in the fields.

By collaborating closely with every grower that produces for the Harvest 52 label, the result is excellent quality for the fruit, sustainability for the producers, and delicious, fresh berries all year round for Oppy customers.