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Frank & Able

Alberta, Canada

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For close to 20 years, the Vis family has been growing ripe and delicious Tomatoes on-the-vine under glass in the prairie sunshine of Redcliff, Alberta.

Recently, founders Andy and Alice passed the reins on to their sons Dirk and Keith, and their son-in-law Devin Jaspers, who pack with precision and passion under the Frank & Able brand. All three are dads with young families who recognize how vital it is to produce nutritious and flavorful tomatoes for others to enjoy.

Frank & Able tomatoes are grown year-round on 13 acres—including the winter months where low temperatures hover in the single digits Fahrenheit—where lights are used to keep the plants growing vibrant and strong. Plans are in place for the construction of five additional high tech acres under glass, as well as a new packing facility, to be completed before the end of 2018.

Honest, hard work undertaken with a good-natured spirit is coupled with uncompromising standards to create the artisan tomato production experience at Frank & Able. The result? Robust and wholesome enjoyment with every bite.