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Crane Family Orchards

Washington, United States

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George Crane planted his first apple trees in 1912. With its sloped hills for easy air movement, and the warm days and cool evenings that coax out the best apple color, Brewster, a small town in Eastern Washington, proved just the right spot for growing. Today, Crane Family Orchards spans about 1,000 acres, and is run by Rachel Crane, George’s great-great granddaughter.

Rachel and sister Kaylan, who works on the accounting side of the orchard business, give kudos to everyone who touches the apples, from the pruners and pickers to the sorters on the line and the distribution crew—many of whom return season after season—for assuring that every box from Crane Family Orchards is full of tasty, beautiful fruit.

The family grows many apple varieties, but Rachel names the ENZA Pacific Rose™, which she describes as “sweet without being overpowering, and with just the right amount of crunch and juice”—as her favorite of them all.