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Grower spotlight: Boschi

Established 45 years ago in the high valley of Rio Negro and Neuquen, Boschi Hermanos S.A. is still on a youthful growth spurt. 

This premier grower of Argentine apples and pears has increased its export volume eight-fold since 2010. By adding acreage and efficiency, Boschi now delivers fruit to key markets around the world, including North America exclusively through Oppy.

Producing on over 3,000 acres today, the operation was modest when brothers Bautista and Pablo Boschi immigrated from Faenza, Italy to establish their family farming tradition in Cipolletti, Argentina. Boschi is now managed by second and third generation family members, who blend old country values with modern farming techniques to yield high quality fruit―season in and season out.

“The most gratifying thing about growing apples and pears is to continue the work of our grandfathers from Italy,” said Luis Boschi, exports manager and Bautista Boschi’s grandson. “They came to Argentina with a lot of dreams, and they worked very hard to build the company our family now enjoys. We want to remember them with their passion and hard work. Finally, their dreams came true.”

Boschi grows such preferred pears as Williams Bartletts, D’Anjous and Packhams, as well as Royal Gala, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady apples. The fruit is produced at the confluence of the Neuquen and Limay Rivers and the Rio Negro, part of an irrigated region that appears from the air as an oasis in the desert.

With cold storage and packhouse facilities in Cipolletti, Boschi packs only its own fruit, assuring consistency and a high level of quality and flavor.

“Our favorite pear is Bartlett,” Luis said. “And why? Because it is the best of the world and the best you can get in our beautiful valley. It is juicy and soft, it is like touching the sky with your hands…Please visit us soon, you will enjoy Boschi always natural pears and apples!”