Grower story

Agropiura SAC


Roberto Silva-Rodriguez of Peru’s Agropiura SAC brings a spirit of sustainability to his family farm in the Piura region of northern Peru. A leading producer of table grapes who is expanding with 40 hectares of organic bananas, Roberto and his team achieved Fair Trade Certification in 2017.

“Growing is about achieving the best possible outcome for our stakeholders: The Earth, the workers and our customers,”’ Roberto said. “It’s gratifying when a balance is achieved for all of them in such a way that it can be sustainable in the long term.”

While Roberto’s family has been involved in agriculture since the 1960s, Agropiura is a new farm which was first planted in 2014. Two generations are actively involved in the operation. Producing Fair Trade Certified Thompson, Crimson, Sugraone, Scarlet and Sable varieties, Agropiura also develops its own organic vermicompost.

Roberto points to the natural benefits of growing in the Piura region.

“We are just a few miles south of the equator and only 65 miles from the Port of Paita,” he explained. “The location is a privilege from a climate and logistic perspective.

What’s next for Agropiura?

An exciting expansion into Fair Trade Certified organic grapes is in the works, as well as the construction of an on site packing facility for the grapes and bananas, adding even greater efficiency and sustainability to the production process.